The Government approved National Energy Efficiency Action Plan by 2020

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    On November 25, 2015 draft Resolution “On National Energy Efficiency Action Plan by 2020” was approved at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

    The National Action Plan was developed in close cooperation with European and domestic experts and scientists. Its adoption allowed Ukraine introducing European practice of planning and forecasting development of energy sector and implementing policy for enhancing energy efficiency.

    According to the Plan, an indicative target to be reached by 2020 is energy savings in amount of 9% of the average final domestic energy consumption for the 2005-2009 period, i.e. 6.5 toe. Moreover, the Action Plan establishes an interim target, namely energy saving in the amount of 5% to be reached by 2017.

    To reach the targets special measures are to be implemented in four energy end-use sectors: households (where the maximum effect is expected), service sector (including energy consumption by budget-financed institutions), industry and transport.

    The key measures include: promoting investments in thermal modernization of residential buildings and construction of zero-energy buildings; adaption of fuel standards and technologies of fuel use to European ones; introducing buildings’ energy efficiency certification, energy audit and energy management systems. Also they include establishing minimum requirements to energy efficiency of buildings, and energy consuming products (equipment), ensuring functioning of energy labelling of household electric appliances. Moreover, the Plan provides for ensuring 100-percent commercial metering of natural gas, heat energy and water consumption and introducing energy bills containing information and analytical data on dynamics of volumes of energy and utility services consumption etc.

    In general, adoption of the National Action Plan is a gradual introduction of European approaches to implementation of state energy efficiency policy by the government.

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