The parliament will cancel permits for connection of idling “green” projects

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The Verkhovna Rada has approved in the first reading the draft law 6081 limiting the validity of technical specifications for connection of power stations generating electricity from renewable sources to three years after issuance date.

This motion stems from the fact that up to 5.21 GW of renewable energy generating capacity can be connected in Ukraine until 2025. At the same time, dedicated technical specifications for connection of “green” facilities have already exceeded 4.4 GW in capacity, Delo reports.

Power generating companies have received technical specifications for connection of 2.725 GW of wind power stations, 1.641 GW of solar power stations, 164.1 MW of biofuel power stations and 67.8 MW of small hydroelectric power stations.

The authors of this draft law state that the number of technical specifications for connection of renewable energy generating stations has already reached the maximum indicators for 2025. According to the development plan for alternative power generation in Ukraine, only 1.724 GW in renewable energy generating capacity had to be built until 2017-2018.

However, according to information by the National Commission for Government Regulation of Energy and Utilities Sectors (NCREUS), only 1.328 GW in alternative energy generating capacity was actually built in Ukraine.