About us

Experts from leading think tanks and NGOs in the field of energy and environment united as the Energy Reforms Coalition. This group will join efforts to promote reforms arising out of Ukraine’s commitments under the Energy Community.

In particular, the Coalition will monitor the implementation of these commitments, develop a political dialogue with key stakeholders, representative and executive bodies, and develop an Energy Reforms Roadmap to present specific proposals for change.

This Coalition will stand for the creation of an inter-department group in the Government on the implementation of energy and environmental EU directives. Therefore, the Coalition is planning to enlist support of the Energy Community Secretariat in order to achieve recognition of its status.

Creation of the Coalition was driven by not only unique political circumstances, but also the fact that in 2014 Ukraine chaired the Energy Community. Moreover, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in February to establish effective partnership between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry and the Energy Community Secretariat. This opens up additional opportunities for the civil society to promote necessary reforms.

The Energy Reforms Coalition was created within the framework of the Project “Improving Implementation of Ukraine’s Commitments within the Energy Community through Enhancing Impact of Civil Society” implemented by the DiXi Group NGO together with the EU-funded Resource and Analysis Centre “Society and Environment”.