Ukraine’s thorny way towards liberal electricity market

While Ukraine is about to recover from its New Year and Orthodox Christmas celebration, there is one more thing worth celebrating. On 1.1.2019, Ukraine took one big leap towards liberalizing its retail electricity market along European standards.  As of this date, consumers are free to choose their electricity supplier. Well, almost all consumers. Household and […]

EU agreed to develop schedule for negotiations on gas

Russia, Ukraine and the EU have agreed to develop a schedule for further meetings in the framework of negotiations on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany Peter Altmaier told journalists. Today there was an important moment, when representatives of the EU, Ukraine and Russia with the […]

Naftogaz proposes NCER to change method for setting gas transportation tariffs

Naftogaz Ukrainy on July 13 appealed to the National Commission for Energy and Housing Utilities Services Regulation (NCER) with the proposal to change the methodology for calculating gas transportation tariffs, which could lead to a reduction in gas tariffs from 2019, the press service of Naftogaz has said. “The proposed changes aim at bringing the […]

Economy ministry predicts gas price hikes for households by 18% this year

Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade forecasts an increase by 18% in the marginal retail gas prices for households in 2018 (December 2018 over December 2017), which is mentioned in a draft government decree on the forecast of social and economic development for 2019-2021. The document says the gas price for the population may […]

Kyivenergo splits into a network operator and an electricity seller

Kyivenergo Press Service has announced that on 22 December, Kyivenergo shareholders resolved on separating from the company a distribution system operator, Kyiv Electrical Networks DTEK, Economichna Pravda reports. As of the shareholder meeting’s date, the largest holders of voting stock in Kyivenergo were companies controlled by Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM: DTEK Holdings Limited (25%), DTEK Energy […]

Environmental impact on exports: what the government should not forget

Ukraine has already succeeded in increasing the volume of trade with the EU (with the total volume of trade increasing by 27% in January-August 2017 versus the similar period of 2016). Still, the further growth of our exports depends on many aspects that seem insignificant, in particular, environmental protection. Environmental matters are a part of […]