Kyivenergo splits into a network operator and an electricity seller

Kyivenergo Press Service has announced that on 22 December, Kyivenergo shareholders resolved on separating from the company a distribution system operator, Kyiv Electrical Networks DTEK, Economichna Pravda reports. As of the shareholder meeting’s date, the largest holders of voting stock in Kyivenergo were companies controlled by Rinat Akhmetov’s SCM: DTEK Holdings Limited (25%), DTEK Energy […]

Environmental impact on exports: what the government should not forget

Ukraine has already succeeded in increasing the volume of trade with the EU (with the total volume of trade increasing by 27% in January-August 2017 versus the similar period of 2016). Still, the further growth of our exports depends on many aspects that seem insignificant, in particular, environmental protection. Environmental matters are a part of […]

Media: electricity price may go up by 10% because of Rotterdam+

NEURC plans to raise by 26% the indicative coal price for thermal power stations’ tariffs, up to 83.08 dollars per ton. This decision will be made at the Commission’s meeting of 28 December, Nashi Groshi reports. The explanatory note to the draft NEURC resolution on the approval of forecasted wholesale market price for 2018 states […]

EBRD is to finance the construction of the largest biogas plant in Ukraine

The financing will help a poultry producer to implement new technologies and improve energy management. EBRD has issued a 25 million-euro loan to Myronivskyi Hliboproduct PJSC, a Ukrainian poultry, grain and feed producer, the bank’s official website informs. The loan will be used to finance the construction and launch of a 10 MW biogas plant in […]

The parliament will cancel permits for connection of idling “green” projects

The Verkhovna Rada has approved in the first reading the draft law 6081 limiting the validity of technical specifications for connection of power stations generating electricity from renewable sources to three years after issuance date. This motion stems from the fact that up to 5.21 GW of renewable energy generating capacity can be connected in […]

The State Geological Service opens access to the map of Ukraine’s mineral resources

The State Geological Service of Ukraine opened access to the public map of Ukraine’s mineral resources: the portal contains information regarding 20 thousand deposits and 117 types of extractable minerals found in our country. This data array, which Ukrainian geologists have been accumulating for several decades, has been opened for the first time and is […]